Newari Names

Newari (Newa) Baby Girl Name

Below are the list of the Newari names for the Girls

Name (Girl) Meaning
Ayela (अयेला) Wine or Whisky in Newari Culture
Bhintuna (भिन्तुना) Best wishes or Good wishes
Chori Maiya (छोरि मैया) A cute little daughter
Hisila (हिसिला) Someone who is cute or pretty
Ita (इता) Oil Lamp
Lumanti (लुमन्ती) Memory; Something remembered from the past
Luniva (लूनिभा) The name is made using two words "Luu" meaning Gold and "Niva" which means Sun Rays. Therefore, the meaning of Luniva is "Golden Sun"
Shimaa (शिमा) Tree
Timila (तिमिला) Derivied from the phrase Tuya Mila (तुयु मिला) - it means White Sky

Newari (Newa) Baby Boy Name

Below are the list of the Newari names for the Boys

Name (Boy) Meaning
Aash Narayan (आश नारायण) The God who fulfulls wishes of devotees
Abir (अबिर) In Newari it refers to Holy Crimson Powder and is interchangeable with the Nepali term “Tika“
Agin (अगिन) Continuous
Ajil (अजील) A pretty little white flower
Aju (अजु) Surprise
Babukaji (बाबुकाजी) The name is made up combining two words. "Babu" means young and "Kaji" means a Leader. Hence, it means Young Leader
Hiraman (हिरामान) "Hira" means diamond and "man" means respect. It can therefore be summarized as someone who is as precious as a diamond.
Pasa (पासा) Friend
Sajan (सजन) One who is Simple and Pure
Sanil (सनिल) Star; Gifted